Total-sky Cloud Image Set (TCIS)

The TCIS has been constructed under the sponsors of National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Projects of China by the State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences and VisInt Lab of Beijing Jiaotong University. The goals to create the TCIS include: provoding the worldwode researchers of cloud observation community a large-scale total-sky cloud database for training and evaluating their algorithms; advancing the state-of-the-art cloud classification technologies aiming at practical automatic ground-based cloud observation.

TCIS contains 5000 total-sky images, which were obtained from a total-sky cloud imager located in Tibet (29.25 N, 88.88 E). All images are stored in color JPEG format with a resolution of 821*821 pixels. Note that these images are clipped from original total-sky images and keep the circle of interest, in order to facilitate end users to focus on classification algorithms. The images are divided into five sky conditions: cirriform, cumuliform, stratiform, clear sky and mixed cloudiness. Some typical images are displayed as below.

Class 1: Cirriform

Class 2: Stratiform

Class 3: Cumuliform

Class 4: Clear sky

Class 5: Mixed cloudiness

Download procedure:

Step 1. Download, fill, and sign the End User License Agreement ( EULA). Note that you need to be a representative for your organization (students are not accepted) and use your official email address in the organization in order to request for the Database. After filling the form, please scan it and return the whole document to "liqy [at]".

Step 2. Download the database (zip file) using the URL and passward contained in the replied email from Qingyong Li.

If you use this database, please cite the following publication:

Li, Qingyong, et al.. From Pixels to Patches: a Cloud Classification Method Based on Bag of Micro-structures. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2016(9): p.753–764.